1. Seattle Mayor and Police Chief sued in Class Action Lawsuit over WTO demonstrations

  2. "Blue Wall of Silence" akin to Mafia code of "omerta" Cops feel enormous pressure to turn blind eye to misconduct of fellow officers. Of those rare occassions when a cop turns in a fellow officer, "Law enforcement officials and police lawyers also agree that it is self-interest, rather than altruism, that motivates a police officer to come forward."

  3. 3,000 convictions may have to be reversed in widening LAPD corruption scandal, according to D.A.

  4. D.A. admits that LAPD corruption investigation has spread beyond the inner-city station where it began. "So far, it has been disclosed that officers shot an unarmed man in handcuffs, planted guns, drugs and other evidence on suspects, lied in court testimony to frame innocent people and stole drugs and money."

  5. Officer recieves 30 day suspension for failing to halt or report his partner's brutal beating of handcuffed suspect

  6. Cop resigns from department, pleads no contest to charge of grand theft

  7. Fired cop charged with two counts of sexual battery, one count of annoying or molesting a child under the age of 18, and four counts of unlawful detention under color of authority

  8. Suspect charged with murder after clumsy cop trips and falls to his death

  9. Astounding degree of bickering accompanies serious allegations of misconduct within campus police department

  10. "I did not find his testimony credible" says juror of police-chief candidate Clark Kimerer

  11. Seattle cops hand out free cocaine to informant who assisted with entrapment: the practice is "not uncommon"

  12. Cop charged with sodomy, indecent liberties with a juvenile

  13. LAPD's reign of terror: the horror stories continue

  14. Cop charged with extortion

  15. Cop charged with three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct

  16. Cop admits planting drugs on arrestee; faces indictment on felony charges

  17. Surrounded by 15 officers, mental patient holding a brick is shot and killed; shots endanger civilians and officers alike


  18. Shoot first, ask questions later: "Time elapsed between the police order to "Drop the brick" and the shots that killed Lorenzo Collins: 60 seconds."


  19. Internal Investigations Unit clears officers in killing of mental patient holding a brick

  20. 17 DEA agents invade doctor's office with guns drawn
    "The transcripts of the court proceedings... reveal that DEA agents were willing to lie under oath to protect themselves from being held liable for their actions."

  21. LA police union admits that civilian oversight of LAPD is necessary, due to massive departmental corruption

  22. Cop arrested, charged with burglary

  23. Cop charged with obstruction

  24. Guilty cop feels victimized
    ``He punched me to the ground. I was the victim. ... I would've accepted an excuse, an apology. I wanted some kind of statement and instead, this happened. I never did anything like (sodomizing a prisoner with a broken broomstick) before.''

  25. Cop charged with statutory rape

  26. Cop indicted for running stop sign, causing crash which killed 18 year old bystander

  27. Cop fired for sexual harassment; faces investigation for sexual abuse of a child

  28. Officer resigns amid rape, assault charges

  29. Officer resigns; charged with faking his own shooting

  30. Police chief indicted for theft

  31. Cop engaged in high-speed chase crashes into bystander's car, killing 19 year old driver and seriously injuring two female passengers

  32. Cop arrested and charged with assaulting his wife

  33. Cop resigns after being arrested and charged with groping a 17-year-old girl
    "The girl told investigators he grabbed her wrist, pulled her up forcefully and started kissing her, touching her at an improper spot and putting her hand on one of his private parts, an affidavit said."

  34. Cop charged with beating handcuffed man

  35. "Dillon sued his boss, Chief State's Attorney John Bailey, for punishing him for going public with evidence that FBI agents had doctored reports to obtain search warrants. He testified that one agent told him his motto was, "If you don't have it, lie." On the witness stand, two other state investigators corroborated Dillon's story. A federal jury in 1998 awarded Dillon $2.7 million."

  36. Chilling report of police firearms training provides frightening insights into police attitudes toward shooting civilians

  37. Police invade empty apartment without warrant or probable cause

  38. Police officers investigated for engaging in drunken brawl at tavern

  39. Victims of police harassment sue city, police department

  40. Killer cops on the loose in Connecticut

  41. San Francisco cops out of control

  42. Police sued for confiscating boy's t-shirt

  43. Cop accused of molesting teens

  44. Cop accused of coercing false testimony

  45. Citizens band together against rampant police brutality in San Jose

  46. Computer error leads to impoundment of woman's car: State Patrol reluctant to admit error
    "She got a statement from Federal Way District Court saying that her driving record shows no suspensions. She then got a new license and her car back." ***

    "'I'm not so positive that her driver's license was wrongfully suspended," Trooper Monica Hunter, a spokeswoman for the patrol, said yesterday. "If it was a mistake, that information doesn't filter back to the trooper.' Indeed, the trooper who stopped Hill began the process to have her charged with driving with a suspended license."

  47. The Seattle P-I, 3-1-2000

  48. Cop fired; accused of 11 criminal offenses, including promoting child pornography and soliciting sexual performances from teen-age girls.

  49. The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 2-24-2000, (Thanks to JT in Texas)

  50. Cop fired after being subject of at least 17 formal complaints

  51. The Lubbuck Avalanche-Journal, 11-14-97, (Thanks to JT in Texas)

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