1. Robert Ludden Jr., (ex-cop), convicted of brutality for punching a handcuffed 17-year-old, slamming a 61-year-old man into a mirror at a social club, and striking a handcuffed prisoner, jailed after violating probation

  2. San Fransisco Chronicle, 8-9-97, (Thanks to EJ, one of our original Cali members)

  3. Cop convicted of felony sexual battery and false imprisonment in an attack on another police officer
  4. Victim initially refused to testify, fearing that she would be ostracized by her colleagues, who might ignore her calls for help in a dangerous situation. "Blue Wall of Silence," akin to Mafia code of "Omerta," pressures cops to cover up misconduct of fellow officers.
    San Fransisco Chronicle, 4-30-97, Props to LR, a vigilant watcher)

  5. Former police officer, convicted of robbing a bank of $722,000 while he was on the force, sentenced to 14+ years in federal prison.

  6. Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, 9-13-99, (Found by Johnny, a 5-star contributor)

  7. Cop pleads no contest to charges of criminal damage to property, drunken driving, endangering safety by possessing a firearm while intoxicated and fleeing an officer.

  8. Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, 6-13-97, (Submitted by MT)

  9. Cop's murder conviction upheld; beat suspect to death with flashlight; city agrees to multi-million dollar settlement with victim's estate

  10. Detroit News, 7-31-97, (Contributed by TJ in Detroit)

  11. Cop convicted of beating motorist

  12. Detroit News, 6-10-99, (Another one from TJ in Detroit)

  13. Cop pleads guilty to felony bribery; offered to drop a woman's traffic tickets in exchange for sex
  14. "With a felony conviction, he won't be in a position to be a police officer in Michigan.", says prosecutor. OR ANYWHERE, WE HOPE
    Detroit News, 8-19-99, (TJ's on a roll)

  15. Cops convicted of conspiracy to distribute marijuana and cocaine

  16. "The officers are the eighth and ninth officers to either plead guilty or be found guilty in the FBI probe of police corruption. 'I'd like to say these will be the last officers charged, but history shows some officers violate their oaths no matter how carefully we screen them,' Police Chief Benny Napoleon said."
    Detroit News, 5-18-99, (Go TJ!)

  17. Detective convicted in credit-card scam

  18. Cop convicted of four counts of sexual battery of his teen-age stepdaughter

  19. Six cops guilty of corruption-related crimes

  20. Cop convicted of drug and racketeering charges

  21. Murder conviction against cop upheld: killed his own wife, tried to make it appear as though anti-police gang was responsible

  22. Cop sentenced to 6 years for forcing sex from woman

  23. Cop convicted of murdering 28 year old woman

  24. Cop pleads guilty to nine counts of residential burglary and one count of commercial burglary: stole from people on his beat

  25. 2 cops indicted for evidence tampering; plead no contest to filing false reports

  26. The Lubbuck Avalanche-Journal, 6-5-99, (Thanks to JT in Texas)

  27. Cop convicted of murder

  28. Shot a man to death in an argument over a parking space
    The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 10-24-97

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