1. A grim fable prescribing how to deal with the cops
    "When the cops come to your door, you say -- 'Go away.' 'Write me a letter.' 'We only deal with government agents via my lawyer.' You say, 'Where's your warrant?' Or how about -- 'My lawyer's name is X. I have officially informed you that I am represented by counsel and you cannot question me without counsel being present.'"

  2. Chapter 2- the cautionary tale continues...
    "It's getting more obvious that legal methods aren't going to move statist control freaks. It might not take violence. I hope it doesn't. But it's going to take resistance -- including lawbreaking. It's going to take people saying, 'I ain't applyin' for your digital ID, ain't puttin' my data in your database, ain't registerin' my guns, ain't obeying your illegal regulations, ain't bein' nice to your thugs, ain't putting my children into your clutches, ain't feedin' your tax gobblin' beast one more dime.'"

  3. COPWATCH.COM offers some general advice…
    Written for a member facing legal troubles in Illinois, this brief introduction to legal research and strategy is of some applicability to anyone willing to work on their own behalf. DISCLAIMER: This does not constitute legal advice. If you are confronted with a legal problem, consult your own attorney.

  4. ACLU advises citizens on how to handle cops

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