Like pigs at the trough, cops stuff
themselves with ill-gotten public funds

  1. "Clumsy cops" reap huge tax-free financial rewards
    "Seventy-three percent of the (disability pension recipients) either fell out of a chair, or were involved in a motor vehicle accident, or they slipped" and fell.

  2. "RAYMOND NEWBOLD was a 41-year-old Nassau police officer when he fell and injured his knee on the job.
    The state pension system declared him disabled, and he retired on a disability pension. But today he works as a lifeguard at Jones Beach, where his supervisor says he runs, jumps and swims extremely well. His disability pension: $49,568 a year, tax-free."

  3. Cop convicted of fraud in obtaining workers comp benefits; also indicted on firearms charge
    "McFall has been on paid leave since October because of a Texas Rangers investigation that ultimately led to a federal indictment last month on a firearms charge. That indictment alleges McFall tried to buy three handguns while he was under indictment in the workers' compensation fraud case."

  4. The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 12-5-98

  5. "Clumsy cop" finagles permanent disability award of $44,857 a year; subsequently maintains PGA handicap of 8.3 at country club

  6. Double-dipping "clumsy cop" finagles $28,000 a year permanant disability pension, while being rehired for desk job at $24,800 a year, AND winning golf tournaments

  7. "Disabled" ex-cop kicks in the door of citizen's house and threatens him with a knife. "It was a surprising physical feat for Hertz, who had said he was disabled with a back injury. One physician had said Hertz "couldn't bend or lift, walk more than a block or sit for more than 20 minutes." Nonetheless, the cop kept his permanant disability award of $32,304 a year

  8. Good cop says 35 to 40 percent of police disability applications are bogus or significantly questionable.

  9. Excellent series on police abusing disability system

  10. "John Ryan, hustling shortstop, embodies the paradox found in many police disability cases - disabled on paper but capable of vigorous physical activity in reality."
    Ryan collects a $66,460-a-year tax-free disability pension.

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