1. Seattle Officer sues over firing for refusing to cover-up police brutality

  2. Cop helps save residents from fire

  3. Hero Cop Gunned Down in Baltimore

  4. Good police organization fights endemic, entrenched police misconduct: President of Police Officers for Equal Rights asserts: "[The Fraternal Order of Police President's] deceptive agenda tries to destroy the rights of citizens that are protected by the U.S. Constitution while he uses the "Code of Silence" and a Fraternal Order of Police contract with the city to wage war against the U.S. Constitution."


  6. Cops honored for heroism
    "Though bleeding profusely from a bullet wound in the leg, Omak police Officer Don Eddy Jr. rushed to the aid of a dying comrade after capturing the man who had fired at them."

  7. The Seattle Times, 5-11-99, (Thanks to SH, our main man in Washington)

  8. Cop killed while attempting to arrest illegal immigrant
    "Juan Duarte Gonzales, an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported, allegedly shot Officer Marshall in the head. Eddy then shot Duarte Gonzales and was attempting to handcuff him when Duarte Gonzales allegedly shot Eddy in the leg."

  9. The Seattle Times, 3-31-98, (Thanks to TM in Washington)

  10. Cops receive honors for bravery and heroism
    "When police Sgt. Ross Hester kicked in the door of a burning apartment and pulled a trapped man to safety, a firefighter described his actions as 'above and beyond the call of duty.'"

  11. The Lubbuck Avalanche-Journal, 6-4-99, (Thanks to JT in Texas)

  12. Cops honored for exemplary service
    "Green and Opaitz were nominated for their attempts to save 34-year-old Ray Schoenfeld from his burning pickup after an accident May 20. The truck plowed head-on into a highway over pass support beam, turned on its side and burst into flames. Schoenfeld was trapped inside."

  13. The Lubbuck Avalanche-Journal, 3-8-98, (Thanks to JT in Texas)

  14. Cops receive awards for distinguished service
    "Sgt. Ross Hester became the sixth officer to receive the Medal of Valor, the Lubbock Police Department's highest honor for courage and extraordinary heroism. Hester kicked in the door of a burning apartment and pulled 59-year-old Neil Bell to safety."

  15. The Lubbuck Avalanche-Journal, 6-11-99, (Thanks to JT in Texas)

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