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    In which our intrepid hero, (a intern), is forced to crush the unrealistically idealistic expectations of a touchingly naive officer.

  2. From the Great White North

    Hi, my name's Katherine, and I live in Quebec (Canada). I really think that is a great website!!! You did a good job!!! Well, here are some suggestions of great Bands that should be added to your list. Of course they talk about freedom, police conduct and some other good stuff!!

    The Unseen (punk band)- Bad Religion (punk band)- Black Flag (punk band)- Operation Ivy (punk band)- Randy (punk band)- Crass (punk band)- Rancid (punk band)- Agnostic front (punk/hc old school band)

    Well that's about it! I have many others ideas of great band... but I think that's enough!!! So, Have a Nice day!!! Goodbye, Katherine xxxx

      Thanks, Katherine. We appreciate your support, eh!

  3. Paraphernalia?

    I just checked out the site... it's f#ckin' awesome! Whoever created and wrote the WTO coverage section is a genius!!! Hey, do you guys make stickers or T-shirts or any other form of "copwatch" paraphernalia? If so, please let me know.

    In the struggle,

      Hi, Ryan. We're soon going to be announcing the availability of our new paraphernalia- you'll be the first to know. In the interim, feel free to make and distribute your own.

  4. Cops are damned liars

    I often wonder if average folks who have never had any negative contact with police, (or any contact, for that matter) know how much police misconduct occurs every day, in every city. Having been a juvenile offender, I was able to see first hand, at an early age, police brutality, violation of civil (and human) rights, gross miscarriages of justice, etc. I am sure there are a few good officers of the law… too few. I for one am here to state that any peace officer who says that these things do not go on, or that they only occur on rare occasions, is a dammed liar.

    Rob I.

      We couldn't agree more, Rob. You're absolutely correct. One of our primary objectives is to educate the public regarding the pervasiveness of police misconduct.

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    An interesting exchange between a intern and an irate self-described police officer.

  6. An encouraging note…


    I would like to point out that I am an ex-peace-officer.

    Note that I use the term "peace-officer" rather than "law enforcement officer".

    I was a peace-officer for 5 years, 7 months, and 7 days (49,104 hours, but who's counting?) in the early-to-mid 1980's. I quit because it was difficult to be a peace-officer when many others were "law enforcement officers".

    I agree with the purpose of your site, and I think that this site is a valuable resource. Keep up the good work, and ddon't let the enforcers (the damn "law enforcement officers") get you down.

    Kevin B.

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    Hello. I would personally like to thank you all for having such a site available to the public. You are providing a great service.

    Living in north Austin, Texas I'm sure someone has let ya'll in on a certain dirty brigade known as the Williamson County Sheriffs Department.

    I'm all about giving good cops tons of respect. They do a great job that I myself could never possibly do. These creeps, however, are for the most part a band of your stereotypical "good ol' boys" that seem to do their job for one purpose.. MONEY. They go out of their way and use rather dirty tactics to get as much dough from us decent citizens as they can. I believe that if you do a crime you should do the time... but in this place the punishment by far always outweighs whatever it was you did (and I'm refer to your trivial misdemeanor crimes you and your families tend to get busted for day in and day out).

    I believe it was the television show 60 minutes that did a story on these crooks, but to this day they are still doing what they do best. My person experience with them regards a miniscule amount of marijuana I was caught with. I'm forced to deal with this in a manner that is such a waste of time... all in the name of giving this county a great deal of money and man time in community service that just seems silly. I've learned my lesson, but for the next year I have to pay them just under $100 a month, take a ton of silly classes that don't have much bearing on my crime (Narcotics Anonymous for something I wasn't addicted to nor would I consider much of a narcotic, Drug Education Classes that come straight from the 1940's refer madness propaganda b.s., and a MADD class, since I don't drink alcohol you can understand my anger for having to deal with this one), along with a monthly probation officer visit who takes my money to counsel and drug test me (neither of which seems to happen).

    This is a really fruity system they have going. In doing all this they make MAD CASH of kids dumb enough to be caught with minor amounts of pot (my case being about a gram of seeds and stems), putting them in jail, and giving them days and days (I have over 100 hours) of community service in which all sorts of free work is being done for the county. They are bending us over and giving us one big evil reason to hate our police and city officials. All of this simply in the name of greed, because I see nothing going on teaching kids the harm of drugs or helping the city out in any way other than keeping our officials pockets lined fairly fat.

    You never see a skinny police officer... in fact they're so obese it's a damn good thing they have fast cars and powerful guns to "protect and serve" us kindly citizens. Anyway... that's just my bitch on this place... there's plenty of holes in my argument but please check out these cock knobs and make sure they're being watched.

    They definitely give good cops a bad name.


    M. in Austin


    Dear Copwatch,

    Thank you for keeping Americans watching. I was recently arrested at 4:30 A.M. on a Monday morning while sleeping in my car in a public park. Given that the park was closed I would have gladly paid any fines that this would have incurred. The other passenger in the car was arrested on the grounds that he had a warrant for an skateboarding ticket he refused to pay( $105 is a little steep for skating in the street where no sidewalks are present on an ozone alert day) but 7 and 1/2 hours later when we were finally read our rights he was told that he was arrested for a public intoxication and there was no mention of the warrant or even the ticket, I was also charged with a public intox.

    The holes in the States case are rather abundant and closely knit, we were never administered any field sobriety test, breathalyzer or blood alcohol test. When I got to the jail I requested any one of these tests I was told that it was at the officers discretion if I was intoxicated or not and there was no system in place to protect my rights from a power tripping rookie who could not even fill out his paper work without the assistance of another officer. My car was searched without my consent before I was even told that I was being charged with any crime. The cuffs were placed so tight that when I finally got them off (about 2 hours after they were put on, this is also when I was finally informed what the charges against me were) they left blue and purple lines across my right wrist, when I requested that this be documented I was laughed at. Of course after this they made sure that I was not released until 10 hours later and the marks were gone so I could not properly document this my self.

    The Sheriffs department in Denton County has stripped me of my rightS as a citizen of the United States and I plan to fight these charges and their corruption until justice has it's day, I'm prepared to lose the battle but not the war. If you guys know any good lawyers in Denton Texas please let me know, I would love to see these people stripped of their badges and guns as they have stolen my dignity and any sense of justice that I still believed in.

    Long live the people, down with the machine,

    Paul Peffer

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    EDITORS NOTE: We've said exactly what we mean.


Click Here!

Help copwatch fight police brutality. Bad cops must be prosecuted. Police corruption is a major problem- copwatch will root it out. Dirty cops threaten the criminal justice system. Police misconduct is an epidemic. Police abuse innocent citizens all too often. Police harassment is a frequent occurrence. The blue wall of silence protects bad cops, and police culture must be reformed. Deviant cops must be fired. Police deviance cannot be tolerated. Last year saw a bad cop arrested for rape, a dirty cop charged with extortion, police corruption involving drug distribution, a criminal cop jailed for brutality, a disgraced police chief sentenced for domestic abuse, a convicted sheriff guilty of theft, moonlighting police disciplined for misconduct, convicted cops fired for sexual assault, a guilty cop suspended for harassment, a discredited cop charged with perjury, and a law enforcement officer suspended from duty for being on the take. Police corruption is common across the country. Such activities are a disgrace to the badge, and dishonor the uniform, so the offending cop was forced to turn in his badge. Subsequent reports revealed a state patrol officer investigated for arson, a highway patrol officer indicted for fraud, a state trooper jailed for assault, a top cop ousted for brandishing his weapon, a Police Sgt. fired for bribery, (while another Police Sergeant quit the force), a Police Lt. pressured to resign (the Lieutenant is accused of murder), child-molesting police, and a Police Commander crashed his squad car in a high speed pursuit. The police department engaged in a coverup to hide evidence of misconduct, refusing to release relevant public records and public documents, despite the open records law and the submission of a public disclosure request. Finally, Serpico breaks ranks. As the bad cops close ranks, good police put their lives on the line, while an overzealous county mounty (or mountie) is an embarrassment to the force. An ex-cop turns in his gun. Learn how to prevent police brutality. The Police Benevolent Fund manufactures support for the police department- a department under fire amid accusations of misconduct. The Police Guild negotiates a new contract for its members. The Police Union demands raise in overtime pay. Funds are increased with the seizure of drug money. Forfeiture proceedings are instituted, and the police seize the property of alleged drug dealers, including cars, homes, planes, real estate, guns, and drugs. At the same time, police raise funds for charity and participate in public service programs. Community policing resulted in ride-along programs for local citizens, and increased participation in police Explorer programs. But the broken-window, zero-tolerance program is difficult to evaluate. A gun-buyback program was successful, with cops collecting a variety of firearms, including assault rifles, handguns, Saturday night specials, automatic weapons, shotguns, tec-9, glocks, taurus, S&W, .45 caliber, .44 caliber, .357 caliber, 9mm, all military style. The guns were auctioned off or melted down. BATF agents were investigating the sale of handguns. The FBI conducted a background check, so citizens interested in the militia movement attended gun shows, where they were able to purchase handguns from vendors. Issuance of a concealed weapons permit was allowed, and this gun permit allowed the man to use his handgun for concealed carry in a shoulder holster. The national law enforcement memorial fund is a beautiful tribute to the boys in blue who have made the ultimate sacrifice. To serve and protect is their honorable motto. Duty and honor is another. The LAPD scandal tarnishes public perception of police officers. Police brutality is a major issue in minority neighborhoods. Neighborhood watch programs were quite effective in reducing crime statistics and increasing neighborhood safety. Cops shoot suspect, and then the cops shoot suspect again. The suspect is wounded, and then the suspect dies in police custody. This pattern is called custody death syndrome. Positional asphyxiation is often blamed for the death of prisoners, after the prisoners are pepper-sprayed, maced, beaten, handcuffed, and thrown in the back of a police car. Suicide by cop is another term that is becoming popular, as police seek to blame the victim and excuse their unprofessional behavior. These police cover-ups are ineffective, and police brutality is found to be the cause of death. Cops and robbers is a nice game, but when the cops kill or fatally wound a suspected robber, the circumstances are often suspicious. Many cops are drug abusers, some police are drug addicts, many officers are alcoholics. Cops on steroids often exhibit roid rage. Police brutality and racial profiling are two issues that often arise at major metropolitan police departments. Bill Sheehan created a website revealing the social security numbers, home addresses, and home telephone numbers of Kirkland Police Department (KPD) officers. SPD info was scheduled to go live on April 1st. Civil rights abuses probed. Officer convicted of drunk driving. Man killed in police raid. At the N30 demonstrations, cops without nametags beat nonviolent protestors without provocation. The direct action network, DAN for short, was created in response. During the Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday celebrations in Seattle, a roving gang of black thugs beat Kris Kime to death as he was attempting to assist an injured women, and the police stood by and did nothing. This murder is on the hands of Mayor Paul Schell, who refuses to prosecute the perpetrators for hate crimes. Some people have argued that a database of bad cops should be developed. Many authoritative academic studies examine the psychological profile of police officers. There are many deviant police officers. Some police departments foster a culture of police deviance. Where is a free punk music concert? Kids like to thrash on their skateboard. Snowboarding, or boarding, is enjoyed by straightedge skinheads. RATM is phat. The swat team, equipped with military gear, broke down the door and swarmed into the apartment with guns drawn. Dynamic entry police raids are dangerous to citizens. Police brutality is a growing problem.