DO YOU HAVE A CANDIDATE FOR "PIG OF THE MONTH"? Submit your nomination to our Discussion Forum, or e-mail the editors. We are specifically seeking local stories that are overlooked by mainstream news outlets. Successful submissions need not be egregious horror stories. Ordinary, run-of-the-mill examples of cops behaving badly, abusing their authority, or persecuting the innocent will be highlighted. Preference will be given to those submissions which are accompanied by hard evidence (copies of tickets, court records, photographs, videotape, depositions, etc.).

In denominating this section "Pig of the Month", the editors are not expressing any derogatory sentiment regarding any of the specific officers cited in any of the following articles. The use of the term "pig" in this context is merely a reflection of popular culture, utilizing the common vernacular, and any unflattering inferences or implications arising from the editors' use of this term are not allegations of fact, but mere expressions of opinion. In using this term, the editors are not implying that any specific police officer mentioned below is, in any literal sense, a pig, swine, or hog.

  1. Cop throws 9 year old boy to pavement and cuffs him for not wearing a bike helmet

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